Psychodrama Personal Development Workshop Agreement:

The purpose of this workshop is to call forth and strengthen your abilities in expressing yourself responsively and creatively in the everyday, here and now, situations in which you live and work. You can expect to develop greater sensitivity and competence in interpersonal relationships and to increase your capacity to effectively respond to life’s situations with vitality and thoughtfulness. Attention will be given to building on your strengths and  overcoming obstacles to living freely.

The workshop is open to anyone with a wish to increase their capacity to live fully and deeply engage with others and who is committed to enhancing their personal relationships and the well-being of their families and communities.

The workshop will provide a range of opportunities for significant personal development. The direct application of different forms of the psychodramatic method includes group work, interaction and a variety of experiential activities.

By enrolling I understand and accept that:

The workshop is experiential and will include a range of learning opportunities as well as the direct application of the psychodramatic method and group work. These activities may, at times, elicit strong responses, challenge my abilities and my attitudes towards others and myself and may  motivate me to fresh actions with respect to my personal life.

I understand that the above is central to this kind of workshop and that I will be encouraged to explore my responses as opportunities for personal development and that this may have a significant impact.

Whilst the workshop leader anticipates that I will take part in activities, participation in any aspect of the workshop is voluntary and I may object or refuse to participate in any particular activity. If I encounter difficulties in participating in a specific activity I will bring this to the workshop leader’s attention.

I am responsible for my conduct in relating to other participants, and may consult with the workshop leader if problems with another group member arise.

I agree to inform the workshop leader of matters that may affect my participation. This includes disclosing criminal convictions, mental health or addiction concerns, or any other relevant matter that may affect my participation.

In the course of explorations and expressions, I am always in charge of and responsible for the nature of my interactions and level of self-disclosure and remain responsible for my own self-care including my physical and mental health.

By enrolling this agreement is in place.

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